Ages, where worth noting, are in parentheses. In this story, only the female faces are pictured.

The Plummer Family:

Alan Plummer (18): Adopted son of Susan and Ron, brother of Katherine. Nicknamed "Tiger" by his mother, Susan, and "Sweetie" by Suzanne. His real parents are unknown. He has surprisingly dark skin due to a probable Mediterranean or Middle Eastern ethnicity. He's six foot one inch tall and still growing into his body, but nonetheless quite handsome. He has short but unkempt dark brown hair and brown eyes. He's a high school senior.

Katherine Plummer: Adopted daughter of Susan and Ron, sister of Alan. Nicknamed "Angel" by Susan. A high school junior and a member of the cheerleading squad. Five foot eleven inches tall; D breast size; long, straight, dark brown hair; dark brown eyes; medium tanned skin.

Ron Plummer (38): Husband of Susan, adoptive father of Alan and Katherine. Usually away from the house for extended periods of time on business and not very involved with his family.

Susan Plummer (37): Adoptive mother of Alan and Katherine, next door neighbor and best friend to Suzanne. Unhappily married to Ron. She's had a very prudish and conservative upbringing in the rural Midwest. Five foot eleven inches tall; E breast size; long, straight, dark brown hair; dark brown eyes; fair skin.

The Pestridge Family:

Amy Pestridge (18): Daughter of Suzanne and Eric, sister of Brad, Katherine's best friend, a high school cheerleader. As she's very naïve and was once taken advantage of, Alan and Katherine act as her "protectors." Nicknamed "Honey Pie" by Suzanne, but this name is used only in private. Also nicknamed "Aims" by Alan. She has a near-constant smile. A high school senior and a member of the cheerleading squad. Five foot eight inches tall; D breast size; medium length, amber colored hair; hazel eyes; light skin.

Brad Pestridge: Son of Suzanne and Eric, brother of Amy. He's not close to either his mother, his sister or the Plummers. He and Amy hardly even look like siblings and have almost nothing in common. A member of the high school football team.

Eric Pestridge (44): Husband of Suzanne, father of Amy and Brad. Devoted to his highly successful business, he is rarely home. His marriage with Suzanne has been a loveless one for many years, and they sleep in separate beds.

Suzanne Pestridge (39): Mother of Amy and Brad. Next door neighbor and best friend to Susan. Unhappily married to Eric. Her high and firm tits are a highlight on her voluptuous body, just like Susan, and in fact their bodies are nearly the exact same size in every way. She's very sexually experienced and constantly scheming and cheating on her husband. Five foot eleven inches tall; E breast size; very dark reddish-brown hair; green eyes; extremely pale skinned.

The Doctor's Office:

Dr. Wilt Fredrickson (40): Suzanne and Alan are both patients of his. Akami is his nurse.

Akami Fubuki (32): Dr. Fredrickson's nurse. She's half Japanese and half Caucasian. She's mistress to the married Dr. Fredrickson. Five foot six inches tall; B breast size; black hair; black eyes; Japanese skin tone.

The High School Teachers:

Gloria "Glory" Rhymer (27): She is Alan's history teacher, and his first serious crush. She's a typical California surfer girl outside the classroom and is even nicknamed "Surfer Girl" by some friends, but very formally dressed and behaved in front of the classroom. She's unmarried but in a serious relationship at the start of this story. 5 foot 7 inches tall; C breast size; wavy blonde hair; blue eyes; tanned skin.

Mr. Jackson: Alan's elderly art teacher.

Mr. Tompkins: Alan's first period physics teacher.

The Other High School Cheerleaders:

Heather Morgan: The head cheerleader and de facto social queen on the high school, girlfriend of "Rock" Rockwell, the football quarterback.She has a forceful and charismatic personality. Helped by a large following of groupies, she exerts wide reaching influence over events at school. She's bisexual and very sexually active with many partners yet has somehow managed to keep her promiscuity from becoming common knowledge. She's a high school senior. Five foot nine inches tall; DD breast size (thanks to implants); long blonde hair, blue eyes; exceptionally tanned skin.

Kim Fields: The youngest and shortest of the high school cheerleaders, a (mostly) lesbian, a first year cheerleader along with Katherine and Amy. She's a high school sophomore. Five foot four inches tall; B breast size; long brown hair; brown eyes; light skin.

Janice Drake: Best friends with Joy. She's a high school junior. Five foot six inches tall; B breast size; short red hair; green eyes; pale skin. She loathes Heather but has an unrequited crush on Joy.

Joy Cooper: Best friends with Janice. Currently dating Dean Howell. She's a high school junior. She has a sister named Jenny who is only one year younger and attends the same high school. Five foot five inches tall; B breast size; medium brown hair; hazel eyes; lightly tanned skin.

The Football Team:

Rockwell: The high school quarterback and Heather's boyfriend. Nicknamed "Rock." De-facto leader of the "Jocks" in school, primarily due to his natural leadership abilities on and off the field. He doesn't realize it, but his relationship with Heather is a complete sham with Heather using him to boost her own popularity.

Ryan: A lineman for the high school football team. He's very big but also clever. He's the ringleader of plots against Alan.

Jerry: Another lineman for the high school football team. He also is very big, but is dumb. He also is central in plots against Alan.

Gary: Another lineman for the high school football team. He is openly gay.

Other High School Students:

Christine Anderssen: Alan's long-time school crush. She's a high school senior with an outstanding academic record and member of the school's track team. Trained in martial arts. Very Nordic in appearance and widely regarded as one of the most beautiful girls in school but has a stand-offish and blunt demeanor that has earned her the nickname "Ice Queen" Christine. A high school senior. Five foot nine inches tall; E breast size; light blonde hair; blue eyes; pale skin. She is the head of a school clique known as the "Goody Goodies" for being morally upright. She has yet to date or have sex, partly because few admirers have the guts to ask her out.

Donna Giovanni: Heather's rival to be the high school's social queen. She is very popular and has her own power base but nonetheless plays second fiddle to Heather. Charismatic in her own right, her personality has captivated many. A high school senior. Five foot six inches tall; C breast size; dark brown hair, brown eyes, olive skin.

Sean Kim: One of Alan's best friends. He's smart and nerdy, but reasonably tall and attractive. Ethnically Korean, but thoroughly Americanized. A high school senior with a hopeless crush on Heather. He has a much younger sister named Gina.

Simone Hendrix: Heather's best friend since childhood and frequent sexual partner. One of the few able to tolerate Heather's personality at close range and the only one able to speak her mind to Heather and not live to regret it. Strong sense of humor and easygoing personality. Something of a star on several school sports teams. African-American by heritage, but thoroughly "white bread" suburban upbringing. Five foot seven inches tall; DD breast size (thanks to implants); short spiky black hair; dark brown eyes; dark brown skin. While very sexually active, she prefers steadier relationships than Heather does.

Dean Howell: Joy's boyfriend. He and Joy have an open relationship where they're allowed to have sex with others.

Peter Brown: One of Alan's best friends. He's somewhat chubby, short, squat, and fairly hopeless with girls.

Other Characters:

Xania "Goodleigh" Tsakicheretakis (39): A college friend of Suzanne's and an actress in soft-porn movies. She lives in Los Angeles, an hour away. Suzanne gets her to pretend to be a psychiatrist for the Plummer family and she enjoys the advisory role. Her body is very similar to Suzanne and Susan's: tall, very busty, and in great shape. Goodleigh is a joke name for her pretend persona since her real last name is so difficult to pronounce. Six feet tall; E breast size; long, dark brown hair; brown eyes; light skin.

Ginger Godfrey (21): An attractive employee working at Stephanie's, a nearby sex shop. She's a very sexually daring bisexual who is heavily into S and M. Five foot seven inches tall; C breast size; long, colored blonde hair; brown eyes; tanned skin.

Adrian Hunter: Brenda's only son. He lives alone with Brenda while they wait for Brenda's divorce to be finalized. He's shy, timid, and completely sexually inexperienced. Although he goes to the same high school as the other characters, he's only a sophomore and thus doesn't personally know any of them.

Brenda Hunter (35): An acquaintance of Susan's. She's short, cute, and has extremely large breasts. She's going through a painful divorce and stands to receive millions of dollars in the divorce settlement. Five foot five inches tall; double F breast size; short, dark brown hair; blue eyes; light skin.

Anika (64): The live-in housekeeper and cook in Brenda's mansion. Originally from Austria, she still speaks with a heavy accent. While old, she is still spry and healthy. Having long served Brenda, she is more than just hired help, but serves as a substitute mother of sorts since Brenda's mother passed away while Brenda was still a teen.

Helen Morgan (39): Heather's mother. She's beautiful, blonde, and bitchy, just like her daughter. She used to be wild like Heather when she was a teen. However, she's loves her long-time husband Frank, and is mostly loyal to him. She's tanned, with short hair and D breast size.

Frank Morgan (42): Heather's father. He's a large ex-Marine officer. He's prone to anger and jealousy.